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Happenings at Montclair State

Wired Jersey: December 12, 2017

A attempted terrorist targets NYC, NJ Governor Elect Phil Murphy prepares his transition, and students can pet dogs to help with the stress of finals.

Wired Jersey: December 7, 2017

As the fall semester draws to a close aspiring entrepreneurs compete to win 80k, and the SCM Colloquium series hosts a panel on mental health awareness.


The University of Montclair State

Winter Commencement 2018?

Montclair State University has made the decision to not have a winter commencement and graduating seniors are not happy about it…

Creations from the MIX Lab

Montclair students from the Entrepreneur Program created a ceramic bowl that is being used in ‘Local Coffee Shop‘ in Montclair. They created this bowl…

Millennial Identities

Exploring Misrepresentations & Contradictions

Afro+Latino’s: The hindered side

As an afro-Latina woman I find that there are minimal representations that satisfy unanswered questions about my culture. The undersized representation of Afro- Latinos…