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Instagram Star, Alexandra Seely, better known as @yogawithalex, began her yoga journey about two years ago when her friend suggested they take a class together. She bought a $50 month pass at Power Flow Yoga Studio in Morristown, New Jersey and at first she didn’t think much of it, but continued to practice since she had already paid for it.

After taking only five classes she was able to move into certain poses she didn’t ever imagine.

“It was an arm balance called crow pose, I finally had lifted my feet off the ground and realized wow this is working I’m actually getting stronger, this is awesome, and I want to keep doing it,” said Seely.

This was when she fell in love with yoga and began practicing daily. She began taking as many different teachers as possible to get some new experience and as she indulged in her yoga practice, she began to take her newfound yoga high with her everywhere she went.

“Eventually I noticed that outside of the classroom I was using skills I had learned in the real world,” said Seely. “If I was in a stressful situation I was able to breathe and calm myself down, I noticed

I was a lot less anxious in everyday life and it really made me feel more balanced mentally and physically so I kept going with.”

Shortly after all the positive changes Seely was experiencing, she began an Instagram account to keep track of her yoga journey.

“I started to see my results after months and years, but then I started joining these yoga challenges, which really brought me into the Instagram yoga community, which is an amazing thing,” said Seely. “Seeing everybody’s progress, stories and transformation, you really understand that yoga isn’t a destination, it’s more about enjoying the journey and the path.”

She said it’s really not about getting the perfect picture, but explained that it’s so much deeper than most people realize. It was unexpected to be able to build community and following of over 20,000 followers, and she says she’s extremely grateful to be able to connect to an inspire so many people.

“Yoga is really the best thing that anybody can do for themselves and it’s definitely the best thing that I’ve ever done for myself, it’s truly the connection of the mind, body, and soul all together,” said Seely with a genuine look of happiness. “Everybody comes together, and their souls connect, they create this amazing community together and it’s just that yoga is happiness.”

To learn more about Alex, and her journey follow her on Instagram. @yogawithalex


Montclair State | New Jersey

Aleksandra Mufceska

Aleksandra is a journalist with a deep love for art, yoga, and travel.