Winter Finale: How to Get Away with Murder

From the mind of Shonda Rhimes

If the name doesn’t entice you to want to watch it, Shonda Rhimes’s twisting plot will. The winter finale of How To Get Away With Murder is this Thursday November 20th and the audience has yet to know who killed Sam. Ok, so let’s take a step back and see how the show got to this jaw-dropping moment.

From the mind of Shonda Rhimes, creator and head writer of acclaimed shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and Scandal, Murder is a legal drama that exhibits Rhimes’s usual dramatic flare. The season begins with an actual murder and a group of law students fighting over what they should do with the body. The audience is immediately plunged into the middle of the plot as they wonder: will these students get away with this murder? What happened? Who did it? And a flood of other questions. The show then flashes back to the first day of prominent attorney Annalise Keating’s class in which students have to compete with each other for the best student as well as a trophy. This establishes the competitive, hyperactive mood for the rest of the show.

The show winds through the interactions between the five major law students who work closely with Keating on actual cases they would encounter in a real court room as well as flashing forward to the students deciding how to hide the murder of Keating’s husband. The show has me and my group of friends on the edge of our chairs every Thursday night wondering what will happen next and arguing who actually killed Sam. No doubt, Viola Davis is fierce. She’s intimidating, collected (in front of the public), and commanding as a professor and attorney. It makes one wonder if she’s to blame for the murder.

The law students include the good guy Wes (Alfred Enoch of “Harry Potter”) who got into Keating’s class at the last minute, annoyingly preppy Asher Millstone (Matt McGorry of “Orange is the New Black”), pretty boy and sex-crazed Connor Walsh (Jack Falahee), shy girl Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza), and teacher’s pet Michaela Pratt (Aja Naomi King). They all make for personalities that make it difficult to decipher.

Love, sex, deceit, and murder. What could be better? Join the twittersphere as we see #WhoKilledSam.

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Gentrix Shanga

Gentrix Shanga is a Communications major and a student Journalist at Montclair State University.