Why You Should Binge Watch The People VS OJ Simpson Right Now

The first season of American Crime Story ended Tuesday night with the verdict being read in The People VS OJ Simpson. As we all know — spoiler alert — Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his ex wife Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. This show became my obsession where all I would do is talk about it and want to learn more about the circus that was the OJ Simpson trial.

First of all, the cast was amazing. Sarah Paulson playing Marcia Clark is iconic. The second she put on that wig I knew we were in for a good ride. Paulson is one of the best actors to come out of Ryan Murphy’s crazy world of tv and talent. In a room full of men, Paulson has the biggest set of balls, having no problem going toe to toe with the men that try to belittle her just because she’s a woman. Her emotion just pours out of her when she gets judged by everyone because of what she wears and how she loos. As hard as she tries to shut them down and stand strong, as a viewer, you still feel for her. Courtney B. Vance as Johnnie Cochran — just give the man all the awards already. Cochran played dirty and had no problem saying and doing things people were too afraid to say. Vance completely embodied the role he was playing and made me hate him, and to me that’s the best kind of actor.

From the first episode, where viewers are taken on a journey of the gruesome deaths and the evidence that is paramount against Simpson it just blew my mind because he was guilty. I mean, all of the signs pointed to him. There was no one else that could have done it. The man ran away for God’s sake, is there anymore proof needed to convict him? However, as the trial unfolds, so does your belief as to if he really did it. The LAPD did everything you just aren’t supposed to do. Evidence that seemed so concrete was thrown out the window because the detectives and police officers were sketchy and messed with the blood and gloves and all of what the prosecutors believed would convict Simpson.

I watched the series with my parents, who watched live as the Simpson drama all unfolded before their very eyes. As I’m watching the Bronco chase and OJ try on the too small gloves, it seemed all too fake for me. This drama is perfect television. I’m here watching this portrayal with actors and cameras, but this really happened. This actually occurred and it was just mind-blowing to realize that this was the norm for over a year of the public’s life. My parents, like a lot of other people, lived through this trial on a day to day basis and sat on the edge of their seats to see what would happen next.

Johnnie Cochran made the trial all about race because it was. He put a spotlight on the history of Los Angeles’ police brutality against black men when no one talked about it. Detective Mark Fuhrman was recorded dropping the n word like crazy and completely degraded the black community and, in my opinion, is the biggest racist ever. Cochran showed the light to the public to realize that black people are not being treating fairly and that white privilege rules the country. Simpson’s acquittal became the frontier for minorities to demand racial equality. Cochran told the jury that “Your decision has a major implication both in this courtroom and outside it.” His defense was to get people to not stand for this treatment anymore and stand up for equality.

The main reason why you should watch The People VS OJ Simpson is because everything that happened 20 years ago is still extremely relevant to today’s day and age. With the deaths of young black men like Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner by police, police brutality against people of color is one of the biggest issues we face today in 2016. Beyoncé came out with the song “Formation” about police brutality, there are sit-ins at Grand Central station — people are pissed about the lack of equality and this series just adds fuel to their fire to get people to do something about it.

Will this show stop police brutality? Maybe. Will it get people talking? Definitely. Now that I’ve ranted and raved about this show enough, watch it. It’s historic, it’s entertaining, and you get to see a young Kris Jenner yell at her children while wearing pearls and a sunhat.


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