Where are the Shuttles?!

Students Furious Over Shuttle Dysfunction
Orlando Hurtado

Since day one of the 2014 spring semester at Montclair State University, shuttle bus transportation on campus has been nothing but unsatisfactory for most students. It is apparent that transportation authority on campus seems to be ill equipped, unprepared, and just down right lazy.

A majority of the students at MSU share similar judgment that the buses this semester are not running the way they used to. Showing up an hour early to campus yet still being late to class has become a regular occurrence, although it’s been the least of their worries. Students, most of who are dedicated commuters have stood by waiting for their bus in sub freezing temperatures for up to an hour in some cases. To put things in perspective the human body has the potential to get frostbite after just 25 minutes of exposure in below average temps. In these times of polar vortexes and nor’easters, the shuttles should be running flawlessly, not delayed.

Since the start of the semester up to eight full size buses have been parked at lot 60, unplowed and covered in snow. Smaller shuttles are running more so than large ones making it impossible to keep up with extensive crowds of students waiting at bus stops. Other complications include, rough driving, shuttles not being filled to maximum capacity, verbal altercations, and of course broken buses.

On February 4th around 10am, a shuttle broke down in mid transport at the bottom of Webster road forcing everyone onboard to get out at their undesired destination. One driver even had the gall to take her break when pulling up to a bus stop full of students.

A number of people believe bus service should be above par for everyone, but principally for commuters and students from out of state who pay the brutally steep bills to attend there.

We made contact with management, but ultimately got the run around. Hopefully future dialogue between students and facility services will lead to a solution for better experience with campus transportation.


Montclair State | New Jersey

Orlando Hurtado Jr.

I am a transfer student from SUNY Rockland entering my first semester ever at Montclair State University. I currently know all the basics on "above" & "below the line" work in digital film and TV production. My unique skills and knowledge in Communications and Media Arts reflect a world in which converging media is becoming the standard.

  • Courtney Meyers

    so true. MSU furthermore has obscene prices with their “good” food choices. The tuition may be cheaper then other colleges, but surely they get their money back in coffee sales alone (which is increased every semester). I don’t even know why there is an SGA. Is it a tease? The university has the final say. Commuters and transfer students really get it stuck to them with this real attitude that most of the administration has. We are known by many as having the worst administration for their customer service conduct in New Jersey by many, and MSU seems to hold up to that title. Really, if you don’t want to or cannot interact with students, get another job.