We wish we could have been bees on top of the flowers decorating the center of the table in the conference room. Bethany Watson pulled her former bank boss into the room in order to fake it until she makes it. The blonde beauty used her improv abilities to help her achieve a new career path in radio, which led her to a co-host position at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.

“I told my boss [at the time] there had been a death in my family and I needed to attend the funeral,” said Watson while admitting she is not terribly proud of it. When Watson’s boss asked when the funeral was, she told her, “From five to nine in the morning on Thursday.” That was exactly the timeframe the morning radio show broadcasts.

Even though Watson lied a bit to get to a final interview for the radio co-host position, her determination paid off.

Her road to the radio airwaves started an early morning in the late summer of 2006 while she was working at a bank in a corporate office in Minneapolis. Watson found out Dave Ryan in the Morning Show in Minneapolis had an opening for a female co-host. She then decided to send them her headshot and acting resume, as well as an upbeat email that bullet-pointed all of the things she knew she would bring to the show.

Knowing the holes in the show that the previous co-host was leaving in her wake gave Watson the edge she needed. “I knew just how to fill them and what the culture of the show was.” That gave Watson a huge advantage when the time to audition came.

The banking office where Watson worked at the time listens to that radio show, therefore she had to find a clever way to get the time to do the interviews. “I had to keep finding reasons to miss work so I could audition on the air in the morning,” said Watson.

She was afraid that if she didn’t get the radio job, she was surely going to get fired from the bank, but luckily, she got the job shortly thereafter.

Watson auditioned four times before she was hired. Three of those auditions were live on-air, during all four hours of the show.

This opportunity led her to land her current amazing and very fun job at the Elvis Duran Show. Watson said the show’s Executive Producer, David Brody, scouts talent from across the country to help other shows within iHeartMedia find a good match when they have job openings. Brody had been following Watson’s work while she was with Dave Ryan. “When a co-host position opened up with Elvis, he reached out and said I should submit myself for it because he thought I would be a good fit for the show,” said Watson.

Brody has been a fan of Bethany’s for many years. When the time came to add a new co-host to the Elvis Duran morning show, he immediately thought of her. “Her name is the first one I thought of when I knew we were going to have an opening for the show,” said Brody. He also said that Watson is smart, funny and fearless.

Like many recent graduates, Watson sought opportunities beyond her college degree. She majored in theater, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing other career fields. She believes that regret feels worse than failure itself. “If there’s something you’re feeling strongly drawn to, there’s a reason you’re drawn to it,” said Watson. “You’re meant to do it. Take the chance so you never have to look back and wonder what if.”


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Katherine Aucena

Katherine Aucena is a Journalist, Web Developer and a Professional Chef. She obtained a bachelor of arts in Journalism from Montclair State University. Aucena fulfilled her passion of cooking by completing the culinary arts program at The French Culinar Institute in 2011. She graduated high school with a 2-year technical degree in Computer Science and received her associates of arts in Communications Media Arts. She has worked on various TV shows, radio, as a contributing writer and in the food industry. She currently works in the magazine publishing industry.