What’s Your Favorite Montclair-Area Coffee Shop?

Here's the result of an informal social-media survey

When it comes to coffee shops, few people are neutral. And a place like Montclair gives its denizens many choices of where to sip their latte. In an informal poll, conducted on Facebook and Twitter, Java Love, 244 Bellevue Ave. in Upper Montclair, came in first, with Red Eye Cafe, 94 Walnut Street, and Bluestone Coffee, 123 Watchung Ave., tying for second.

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Le Petit Parisien is a lovely little place, with the greatest mocha cappuccino and cafe Americano. Rimi and Baptiste have made me welcome there ever since they opened, and I have a lovely large mug there with the Eiffel Tower which they use to make me a tall one whenever I need one. It’s a coffee shop, French bakery, and place to go when I want or need crepes, the lightest of all croissants…or just a place have a meeting.

Also getting votes: Starbucks in Upper Montclair, Le Petit Parisien on Church Street, Ray’s on Walnut Street, Trend Coffee and Tea House and Insanitea, both on Bloomfield Ave and The Fine Grind of Little Falls.

Some people picked their favorite based on coffee blends, others on the baristas, the crowd, the lunch menu or the overall coziness of the place. Click on the map to read some of the comments. A fan of Petit Parisien, a tiny coffee and macaron cafe on Church Street, describes at the “place to go when I want or need crepes.”

A fan of Trend admires all the “nooks for settling in,” and says it reminds her (or him) of the Midwestern college town where they went to college. A Bluestone fan likes it because it’s always “teeming with people.” And a fan of Fine Grind commends the “comfy chairs by fireplace.”


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