United Greek Coalition Holds Dinner for University Community

Who doesn’t like good company mixed with delicious food?

United Greek Coalition of Montclair State University is a council made up of twelve Latin based and multicultural fraternities and sororities. These organizations are better known as: Chi Upsilon Sigma, Lambda Sigma Upsilon, Lambda Tau Omega, Mu Sigma Upsilon, Lambda Theta Phi, Omega Phi Chi, Lambda Theta Alpha, Psi Sigma Phi, Sigma Phi Rho and Sigma Lambda Upsilon. Recently, a new South-Asian based fraternity was chartered here this past semester. These organizations strive to serve the community and produce educational awareness to the student body. Each semester, United Greek Coalition has a dinner with all of the organizations together. This semester, there was a potluck dinner.

“I usually hold myself back from going to Greek functions only because I’m not Greek and I feel like I would just be left out. But that’s actually not the case at all tonight, I met a lot of new people and had fun just mingling and eating different foods. I loved how everyone in the room was so diverse, even the food!” Melissa Mittleholzer seemed to be pleased with her experience. This dinner was open to all students, despite whether they were Greek or not. Each organization brought plates from different countries, so everyone would have a taste of all cultures. It is a known fact that food brings people together!

Who doesn’t like good company mixed with delicious food? This also gives those that are interested in Greek life, a chance to go around the room and meet different members to see what their organization is all about. “This is actually my favorite program of the semester when it comes to UGC, because it gives us all a mandatory excuse to not only get together, but enjoy each other’s jokes over good food. It just gives me holiday spirit and I come every single year since I went Greek. It’s so worth it,” says Odalis Carlina Perez. Odalis is a sister of Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority Incorporated, she has been an active member since Spring 2012. “I’m really glad with the way things turned out tonight, usually our functions only include us Greeks, but this time we had a lot of non-Greeks which is even better. The more the merrier, plus unity in all forms is what our community needs more of. Shying away from others just because they don’t have letters would be pathetic.” Jazmine Yanez is a fan of acts that bring people together. Making people feel comfortable, welcomed, and at home is a gift that United Greek Coalition gave to everyone on this night. A beautiful start to the holiday season was complete success overall.


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Massiel Segura

I am a junior at Montclair University.