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90.3 WMSC, The Voice of Montclair State did their first newscast in recent memory.

90.3 WMSC, Montclair State’s Underground Radio station did its first newscast in recent memory. The newscast took place on Tuesday February 18th. The news department at WMSC just started last fall semester under guidance from General Manager Dick Hinchliffe and our news director junior Kaitlyn Schoeffel. This is the same news department that originally broke the Diane Sare story last fall during the gubernatorial debate at Montclair State. (Sare, an independent candidate for Governor, heckled the major party candidates and was the first heckler removed from the event at Kasser Theater. Nick Marchese tracked her down for a live interview outside Kasser.) The newscast was a short two minutes which was a small yet historic step for 90.3 FM WMSC as we aim to do daily news, weather, and sports.

Juan Contla delivered the first scheduled newscast in station memory, if not its 47-year history. He worked with News Director Kaitlyn Schoeffel and new writers Brian Pereyra and Mike Sheehan. WMSC is building a news department as the station becomes “the voice of Montclair State.”


Montclair State | New Jersey

Michael Claudio

Mike started with WMSC in the Fall of 2011. He started one of the first ever electronic dance music shows on WMSC. Mike would perform live sets and interviews with local NJ disc jockey’s. The show went on to be known around Montclair State as “Claudio Audio.” He was named WMSC station manager in May of 2013. Mike is a broadcasting major with a minor in political science and a strong passion for television, radio, and digital media.