Two 911 Calls were Made by Anna Semioli Prior to Incident

Semioli family attorney, Robert Bianchi, tells WMSC-FM

Semioli family attorney, Robert Bianchi, tells WMSC reporters Juan Contla, Sam Romano, and Natalie Caamano that prior to Anna Semioli being hit by a vehicle just off campus, two 911 calls were made from her cellphone. The calls were made approximately half an hour before it is believed she was struck by a vehicle. The calls were made 13 minutes apart from each other.

Bianchi says he has not listened to the recordings and says, “they add another level of strangeness” about what happened that night. He is asking the MSU community to step forward with any additional information.

Bianchi also says the investigation is not over, though Michael Choynowski, 27, has turned himself in and is being charged in the case. Bianchi is asking anyone with additional information to call in to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office at 973-881-4800.

Here’s the entire audio clip of the interview on WMSC’s “Morning Buzz.”

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Juan Contla

Juan is a Junior at Montclair State University Majoring in English with a Minor in Journalism. He hopes to one day produce news talk programs.