The Spread of Triple Rooms at Montclair State

With increasing class sizes, Residence Life at MSU has an answer
Jennifer Machin

Rumors that school administrators are planning on changing double rooms to triples have been circling on campus for a while. Now, those plans are no longer just rumors, they’re actually happening – but only to some incoming freshman.

“Because of the increase in population at MSU, the administration is preparing to change some double rooms to triple rooms, which means three people to a dorm”, said John Delate, Executive Director of Residence Life at Montclair State University. It is still unclear how many triple rooms there will be. What is confirmed is that it will only be applicable for any incoming freshman who apply after all double rooms have been distributed or to any freshman who have the preference of a triple room. Like in most situations, “first come, first serve,” will be how the double rooms will be distributed, Delate said.

Most likely buildings such as Bohn, Blanton, Russ and Freeman will contain triple rooms, and they will be distributed all over those buildings so no specific floor becomes overwhelmed. As of now, students can most likely expect this change to occur in Fall 2015.

Several students have been worried because they think they will be affected by this change, but in reality, only a small percentage of incoming freshman will be affected. When initially asked how she felt about double rooms getting turned into triples, sophomore and English major, Rebecca Coleman, scrunched up her face in despair. “I’m not happy about it,” said Coleman.

When she was told tripling was only applicable to incoming freshman, Coleman was relieved it wasn’t affecting her. Other students are concerned with the available amount of personal space the rooms will now offer. Sophomore and English Major, Trey Singley, doesn’t think it’s a bad idea. “As long as it is made sure everyone has enough space in their room for certain things such as clothing and miscellaneous items, I do not see a problem with it,” said Singley.

“The key for us though is to anticipate it by creating some spaces that will be triples,” Delate said. “You get some furniture; you reconfigure it so that it fits well.”

Since the cost of a triple room will be 20 percent less than a double, that might attract freshman that could not afford a double, to opt for a triple, he added. Sophomore and Linguistics major, Ashley Rivas, said, “I’m a commuter and if I was a freshman all over again, I would’ve considered tripling. I have friends who dorm with two other people and they enjoy it. The more the merrier.”

“I definitely think this idea will make more commuters want to dorm because it will be more affordable and easier to pick up housing with the new rooms which will help the school out,” Singley said.

Although triple rooms will not directly affect anyone who is currently enrolled at MSU, students might see it as a sign that the campus is getting overcrowded.

According to Delate, tripling has been done in the past. He sees tripling as a sign of the university’s increase in prominence within the last couple of years. This attracts more people to enroll at Montclair State, which benefits all students since that means graduating from a well-known university. “It enhances your degree when you graduate,” said Delate. “More people will recognize the power of MSU.”

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