The Inside Story of the Daily Show

Executive Producer Kahane Cooperman joins the Colloquium Series

Kahane Cooperman, a producer of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” comes to Montclair State to discuss her career in television with students. Cooperman has been with the show since 1996 and began as a field producer for feature packages. Cooperman also has a background in film and documentary making, which she still continues to do to this day. The Daily Show has over 20 Emmy awards and has won the best variety show for the past 10 years – until it was beaten by a previous Daily Show correspondent, Stephen Colbert and his show “The Colbert Report.”

Montclair State | New Jersey

Orlando Hurtado Jr.

I am a transfer student from SUNY Rockland entering my first semester ever at Montclair State University. I currently know all the basics on "above" & "below the line" work in digital film and TV production. My unique skills and knowledge in Communications and Media Arts reflect a world in which converging media is becoming the standard.