The Geese Police

A Unique Approach to Bird Control

As Montclair students, we have grown accustomed to massive amounts of geese roaming around campus, especially near Machuga and Dinallo sidewalks and the whole majority of the Hawk Crossings apartment buildings. Little does everyone know: Montclair State has hired the Geese Police.

In 1996, David Marcks founded and became President of Geese Police Inc. in Connecticut. Marcks was a groundskeeper for a golf course and struggled immensely with Canadian Geese swarming the area. Through many of their countless strategies failed, he and his brother started looking into dogs that could make the geese leave the area in a humane way. Working on the advancement of the company since 1986, Marcks is now known as “America’s Canada Geese Expert”.

Special trained Border Collies are trained and used to scare the geese away by barking and walking towards the birds at the Geese Police’s command. Collies are used because they are a herding dog and have a “wolf-like glace called the “eye””. Geese Police Inc. has over 35 specially trained dogs and their services are available all throughout the east coast and part of the south including North Carolina as well as Wisconsin.

Because of the geese infestation throughout Montclair State’s campus, the Geese Police were eventually brought in. Every few days the Geese Police pull into the Hawk Crossings Apartments and go about their business. Each new member that is welcomed as an employee of the Geese Police is personally trained by Marcks to guarantee the same service to every client requiring their assistance.

Hawk Crossings Resident Assistant Alexis Marrero has been fascinated with the corporation ever since she saw a truck with the words ‘Geese Police’ plastered on the side. “The first time I saw the geese police truck I had to do a double-take. I could not believe that it was an actual profession. I watched the man exit his truck by The Village (another apartment complex on campus) and take a dog out from the back. He then gave the dog commands to chase the geese out of the parking lot. The dog seems highly trained. The “police” would tell him to take so many steps or tell him when to stop and the dog was completely obedient.” The Geese Police pride themselves as the only humane way to clear geese from the property and have only been using this technique since their inception.

Many complaints have been made about the geese defecating on the campus so constantly it is becoming unavoidable; geese tend to cross the street stopping traffic and being an all around nuisance. The Geese Police have helped with this problem immensely along with more work being done across campus including cleaning the sidewalks more frequently and in turn, fewer geese are found roaming around the main campus.

“I guess their goal is to have the dogs scare away the geese that are pretty territorial. The geese to make a mess with all of the poop that they leave behind. I’m sure that it is a pain to clean up,” Marrero says.

The dogs are in no way trained to hurt the geese. This strategy is used to herd sheep off of private property and to maintain wildlife control and pest solutions. Though some geese may come back, they tend not to repeatedly come back to a spot they were moved from. Geese breed more geese so this solution is slowly but surely getting the geese problem under control. This corporation does not harass the goslings, only the full-grown geese, which may cause a problem. The Border Collies are trained to work in all different types of environments including in the heat, in the snow, in water and in any area outdoors. The dogs seem very friendly towards people as well and though they go towards the geese to herd them away they are not trained to be violent.

“I’ve never seen a dog come close to attacking any of the geese, it seems more of a scare tactic – which I feel makes it okay. The dog is a service animal, just as the canine unit is for the university police department. I think it’s a pretty unique and creative way to get the geese off of the paths and out of the parking lots. As long as they continue to use highly trained dogs that don’t hurt the geese, I think it’s a good system,” Marrero states. Many Montclair State Students are very impressed by the services this corporation assists with and the unique way to make the students have a more enjoyable time on campus.

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Brianna DeLeon

Brianna is a senior double majoring in Communication and Media Arts and Psychology at Montclair State University. Brianna is hoping to one day work in television production.