The Face of the New Jersey Electorate

Gov. Chris Christie Wins Re-Election in Historic Landslide

Take notice DC, a blue state has a red leader! New Jersey is liberal, it has been and it will be. But for Gov. Chris Christie, a Democratic controlled State Senate and House hasn’t stopped the Livingston born politician from doing the one thing that has been the Republican Party’s Achilles heel since 2008: commanding a diverse electorate.

Let’s be frank for a second, we are all sick of Washington DC. Their petty in-fighting, arrogance, nauseating waste, elitist attitude and party-line views, on both sides, makes us sick. But it was the Beltway, as well as the nation, whose eyes were glued to the acceptance speech of Chris Christie last night in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The platform of bipartisanship that Senator Barack Obama pitched to the nation in 2008, is a reality for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Wired Jersey got a chance to catch some local voters as they exited the polls yesterday, on election day, to see how they interpert the current political environment in the Garden State.

You might not agree with all of Christie’s policies, especially if you are in public education, but it is undeniable that he is working with determination, and with the legislature, for the entire electorate of New Jersey.

Here is how the vote broke down:

According to the New York Times 63% males voted for Christie, and 57% of females. He also won 50% of the Hispanic vote and commanded 66% of independents. If the Republican Party in Washington wasn’t under the regime of the Tea Party, they would be foaming at the mouth right now. In addition, Christie also won 49% of the electorate under the age of 30.

No matter where your politics fall, it is refreshing to look at a politician stand a podium, look into the eyes of the people, and say with accountability, “I’m here to finish the job I started. Watch me do it!”

You can view Christie’s entire acceptance speech here:

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