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Montclair State University's "It's All Here" Campaign

Three semesters have gone by since Montclair State University launched a marketing campaign to re-brand the university with the slogan ‘It’s All Here’ and members of the campus community say the new message has taken root.

The campaign was launched in an effort to attract prospective students, alumni, and future employers to the educational opportunities and overall college experience that the university offers.

Megan McGee, a junior studying Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Dietetics, said, “I think that the brand has been successful. It’s something that all students can relate to. To me, it means that Montclair has everything I need including a wonderful environment for academics as well as a diverse assortment of clubs and organizations.”

Since the re-branding went into action, several of the academic buildings have undergone renovations and two buildings are currently being constructed. The prospective cost for construction is totaled at $121 million with $94 million dollars coming from the “Building Our Future” Bond Act, given to the university in 2013.

The two new buildings include the Center for Environmental and Life Sciences which will increase the science infrastructures on campus by 50 percent, and the new School of Business. This all corresponds with the marketing goal launched with the re-branding to emphasize the quality of academic programs at MSU in an effort to encourage more students to apply.

Jubin Kwon, the Director of Marketing and Analysis for the university, says there is a $2.5 million dollar budget allotted to cover all areas of marketing for the university including promotion, monitoring, and planning. While the marketing budget does not go directly toward construction, the new buildings serve as reference points in the university’s advertisements. These new structures help distinguish MSU from competitors, and help to support the statement that it is in fact all here.

“To me, ‘It’s All Here’ means encouraging people in our community and state to look to MSU as a place they can directly benefit from,” said Kwon with an optimistic expression. “It means undiscovered opportunities and the public’s trust in something we’re all invested in as tax payers.”

Becca Haupt, a senior majoring in Exercise Science with a Classics minor, said “I think that the ‘It’s all here’ brand has been successful. Students use the catch phrase daily all around campus.”

Haupt went on to talk about how some students use the phrase sarcastically but said, “Regardless of its context it has generated camaraderie among the students. It really is all here, including negative, positive, and indifferent opinions of the ‘It’s All Here’ brand.”

The new campaign appears to be working from an admissions standpoint as the 2014-2015 academic school year marks the university’s largest enrollment yet at more than 20,000 students.

Amy Meckler, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Marketing and Outreach, said, “‘It’s All Here’ represents who we are and where we’re going as a university.” Meckler works in the Undergraduate Admissions office which oversees everything from recruitment to applicant reviews. Meckler emphasized that, “consistency and name recognition are the #1 reason people engage in a university.”

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Christine Gianakis

Christine is a Junior at Montclair State University majoring in Political Science with a minor in Journalism and a minor in Communication Studies.