Surviving the Holocaust: Ursula Pawel

My Child is Back: University Gallery

On November 14th, Montclair State University hosted a talk by Ursula Pawel, a Holocaust Survivor. “My Child is Back,” showcased Pawel recalling the rise of Hitler and the three years she spent at the German concentration camp, Auschwitz. After the War ended, Pawel describes her 500 mile bike ride to find her mother after liberation.

Ursula was born in Dormund, Germany as a Jew in April 26, 1926. Her life changed when Hitler took power in Germany in winter of 1933. Ursula was forced to leave school when the Nazi burned it down. She also had to wear a yellow star band represents Jewish symbol with her at all. In 1942, Ursula received an order to be deported to a labor camp, and her family followed her. If you would like to know more of Ursula’s story, you can read her book “My Child is Back” about her experience during the Holocaust.

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Ying Deng

Ying is a Senior Broadcasting student at Montclair State University. She's freelancing as a producer, camera operator and an editor.