Sunday Services convene at the Wellmont Theater

The Fray and Seasick Mama Rock the Boat while Wilson preps Good Vibrations with Jeff Beck

The Fray performed at the Wellmont this week marking the second show in conjunction with Live Nation as the theaters’ booking company. Race Taylor, of 95.5 WPLJ who sponsored the show, introduced the band.

The origins of the band stem from a Denver, Colorado Christian school where Issac Slade and Joe King would lead Sunday services. It wasn’t until 2002 that they began production on their first album How to Save a Life which was released in 2005.

The Wellmont’s audience was overwhelmed when the group took the stage around 9pm, opening with “Hurricane.” The track seemed to be popular amongst the teenage crowd that made up the obvious majority of the general admission floor.

Isaac Slade, the band’s lead vocalist, had no fear as he stepped off stage and into the crowd of crazed fans during their performance of “Heartbeat” which they chose to perform second. Fans seemed to enjoy the intimate show that the band put on where they talked to the crowd, personally interacted with those that were closest to the stage, encouraged singing along, and occasionally tossed items like guitar picks and drumsticks to the crowd.

In the middle of their set they tried out some of the newer songs that will be released on their next album. The single “Love Don’t Die” will be released on the radio as of Tuesday, October 15th.

During “Over My Head (Cable Car)”, their first piece ever released, Slade climbed on top of his ‘old school’ piano that looks like the type many junior high schools had in their music classrooms. He stayed on top of his instrument for most of the song before jumping down to rejoin the fans that stood alongside of the stage.

The suspense built later in the show when Slade said they would play one more song and it ended up not being their chart topping hit, ‘How to Save a Life’. From there, the fans knew that there had to be more in store for the evening. The lead guitarist, Joe King, proceeded to perform a solo acoustic version of “Heaven Forbid” followed by the well anticipated song that made them so famous.

The Colorado natives admitted that this was their first concert in Montclair but if you missed it, don’t worry. They promised before the show ended that they would be returning to the Wellmont’s stage. Until they return, Live Nation has an exciting line up for the Wellmont Theatre including Brian Wilson & Jeff Beck, John Pinette, and Third Eye Blind (who have alluded to this being their last tour together).

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Jianna Hall

Jianna is a 20 year old Television and Digital Media Student at Montclair State University.