Student Produced Web Series Launches on Campus

The Inside Scoop on the New Web Series "RAs"

Imagine the shows The Office and Cops. Now put them together to create a perfect mix of hilarity. You don’t have to imagine such a great idea anymore because it has become a reality. Recently RA’s: The Web Series launched its first episode. Created and produced by Montclair State television students Joe Lees and Victoria Nelli, the show isn’t one to miss.

“I wanted to start something like this on campus because episodic series is the kind of TV I want to eventually work in, so I want to get as much practice and experience as possible. Joe pitched the idea about RA’s to me and I thought it was great so we decided to run with it” Said Nelli.

One of the first of its kind at Montclair State, the new web series is allowing other students like Lees and Nelli be involved with creating an entire show together from the ground up and providing a platform for students to be involved with something that they are truly passionate about.

“I would like the show to be able to walk on it’s own two legs and have students be able to confidently produce content outside of the classroom” said Lees.

With a diverse cast and crew of about 20 people, students from all types of backgrounds and skill sets have come together to build something new and different.

The pilot focuses in on two RA’s: RJ and Shannon who are responsible for keeping the residents of their building in line at Maple State University. Shannon is a senior RA who is more experienced and over the craziness of the students at school, while RJ is more of a rookie RA who is still getting to know the ropes. The interesting duo is faced with the task of having to shut down a hipster party. With a documentary feel, the show not only feels authentic but also really brings the viewer into the true craziness that college dorm life entail.

Since its release, the show’s pilot has been a success through Facebook and YouTube. The second episode is set to begin filming after spring break. Join the craze and the RA’s :

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Emma Klein

Emma is currently a Television and Digital Media major with a concentration in Television Production at Montclair State University.