Social Media Helps Promote Pride at MSU

Team Travels to Grand Rapids for NCAA Division III Final Four

Montclair State’s Women’s Basketball team has made it to the NCAA Division III Women’s Basketball Final Four Tournament held this weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the university is rapidly building pride and support for the team, particularly through social media.

Twitter has been the main focal point of support for Montclair women’s basketball team this weekend. Montclair State’s own personal twitter, @montclairstateu and Montclair’s Athletic Center’s twitter, @msuredhawks, have begun using the hashtag, #MSURedHawksFinal4, in order to capture the attention of their followers. The hashtag was retweeted by students, such as Sam Romano, Sean McChesney, and Katie Sire, who also used the hashtag to raise awareness and pride for the Red Hawks big game this weekend.

Sean McChesney, broadcaster for 90.3 WMSC Sports Team at MSU, tweeted, “1 more day!! @WMSCSports and @montclairstwbb are ready ARE YOU?? #msuredhawksfinal4.”

Ben Martinez, the Assistant Men’s basketball Coach at Stevens Institute of Technology, also took to Twitter using the hashtag, writing, “Good luck to the alma mater in the Final Four! @msuredhawks @montclairstwbb #MSURedHawksFinal4.”

A variety of people, including students, faculty, and other coaches, parents, and friends have been wishing the women’s basketball team luck through the Twitter platform, proving further school spirit and support for their team.

Head Coach for the women’s basketball team, Karin Harvey, also took to her Twitter account for regular updates about the team. “Practice @ Calvin…got our first look at the arena. #Amazing #MSURedHawksFinal4,” Harvey tweeted last night of their first practice at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the tournament will be held Friday and Saturday night. She also Tweeted pictures of the team.

Hannah Efrus, a junior at Montclair State, said that Twitter has been her source of knowledge on the women’s basketball team’s success. “I follow Montclair on Twitter so I saw that that they were going into the championships,” Efrus says. “I don’t think I would’ve known about it if it wasn’t for Twitter, honestly. I’m really excited, though. I’ll probably follow the game through Twitter to see what’s going on.”

The games start at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and the Red Hawks will take on George Fox University in the first game. Whether they win or loose, the team will also participate in a game on Saturday.

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Alexis Bianchini

Junior at Montclair State University. Nutrition major.