Rise Against at The Wellmont Theater

Punk Rock Band Makes Stop in New Jersey

As part of their Fall touring schedule the American punk rock band Rise Against made a stop in New Jersey on September 30th at the Wellmont Theater in downtown Montclair. Touche Amore & Radkey were ticketed as the opening acts with both performing 45 minute sets respectively. The Californian group led by lead singer Jeremy Bolm lived up to the hype and delivered a stellar opening performance to the sold out Wellmont Theater crowd.

After the crowd was properly warmed up, Rise Against took to the stage. The stage was shadowed in black, but then letters that spelled out ‘RISE’ started to illuminate in blue lighting up the excited faces in the crowd. Artwork from their latest album, The Black Market, which released over the summer, looked on as the backdrop. With a swift hit of the kick drum the show was on!

They led off with their hit 2006 single ‘Ready To Fall’ and pivoted in and out between old classics off their original 2001 albums all the way to their latest 2014 release. As the Mosh Pit opened up and fans young and old began to come together, lead singer Tim McIlrath had the crowd in the palm of his hand. He shouted out to the state of New Jersey and all of his fans that have followed their career from start to now.

By mid set they played their tune ‘I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore’ which only amp’d the crowd up even more. Smoke and beams of lights from stage filled the air coming together in the same way Rise Against and their crowd sang together as one. Whether on the floor in front of the stage or in the balcony in seats everyone was standing and singing at the top of their lungs.

For their encore the guitarists broke out the acoustic guitar and proceeded to sing ‘People Live Here’ and ‘Swing Life Away.’ Lighters and cellphone lights began to fill the crowd as the moshing stopped and everyone slowed down to absorb the meaningful vocals. Tim McIlrath called out to the crowd to be apart of the change they want to see in the world and make it a better place for ourselves and our children.

The show ended on a high note with one final encore with the song Savior. The madness of the mosh pit reflected exactly what was happening onstage. Talent and passion coming together to put on a show and send a message. In the end it was a phenomenal show with a fantastic message. One of the few concerts where the crowd and artist were one truly enjoying each other for the thrill of it and in good spirit.

Ready to Fall
Give It All
Re-Education (Through Labor)
Behind Closed Doors
Long Forgotten Sons
The Good Left Undone
Like the Angel
I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore
Help Is on the Way
Chamber the Cartridge
Last Chance Blueprint
Prayer of the Refugee
Alive and Well
Audience of One
People Live Here
Swing Life Away
Encore 2:
Make It Stop (September’s Children)


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Michael Claudio

Mike started with WMSC in the Fall of 2011. He started one of the first ever electronic dance music shows on WMSC. Mike would perform live sets and interviews with local NJ disc jockey’s. The show went on to be known around Montclair State as “Claudio Audio.” He was named WMSC station manager in May of 2013. Mike is a broadcasting major with a minor in political science and a strong passion for television, radio, and digital media.