The Truth is Blurred in The Affair

On the surface, we can immediately think this is just another show where an established man wants to experience the rush, adrenaline and sexuality of an extramarital affair, but it might be more than that.

Noah Solloway (Dominic West), from outside, is a New York City schoolteacher who has had one novel published and is struggling to write a second book. But from the inside, he is an unsatisfied privileged white guy who lives in a fairly big townhouse in a city where space means money. Noah met Alison Lockhart (Ruth Wilson) in the resort town of Montauk in Long Island.

At the beginning, we are strictly seeing and hearing Noah’s perspective on how the affair started with a very attractive young lady. For Noah, Alison was the instigator as a careless and flirtatious waitress. For the first half, it is what most people consider the norm. He looks like an All-American dad, but on the inside, he seems to have mixed-emotions about how truly happy he is or might not be.

The beautiful thing about this show if what happens midway through it; we get to see “Part Two: Alison.”

The entire demeanor of the show switches to a female-perspective of how the affair started and who instigated it according to the female.

Alison’s story is the total opposite of Noah’s. She is a fragile and kind of depressed waitress who is making ends meet. She is married to Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson). Their little son died in a tragic manner judging by the way Alison’s way of coping with his death. It apparently happened years before the affair started.

Alison’s expresses her perception of how the affair started between them while she is talking to a law enforcement official regarding some sort of crime that happened after the affair.

Each person perceives the affair differently. For Allison, Noah was the one who started it all with his sultry personality. In Allison’s version, Noah looked into her eyes, like he was sweetly brushing a stray hair away from her face. He was looking for an affair, whether it was emotional, mental, physical or all three together.

The show’s next episode could totally be both exciting and captivating or downfall awful. Let’s not forget that the pilots of scripted shows are filmed months before a network picks up a full season of it. Storylines could change. The show must be much more than just an affair between two individuals to keep the viewership.

Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi, who are the show’s creators, are giving us the opportunity to analyze a situation that could be someone’s reality, not just the affair, but also the dynamic of Noah’s and Alison’s respective families.

Affairs are nothing new. Men and women have been cheating since the beginning of time. There are always three sides to every story; his side, her side and the truth. And on “The Affair,” that seems to be the case. The truth is not exactly clear.

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Katherine Aucena

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