RAs: The Web Series – “Jungle Juice”

Quiet Hours begin, Sanity Ends in Second Installment of Wired Jersey's own Web Series

“RA’s: The Web Series” is a new production by students of Montclair State University.

It’s quiet hours, which means work has just started for RAs Shannon and RJ. After stopping a party, Shannon and RJ discover that the beverage of choice was none other than the infamous “Jungle Juice”. With Jungle Juice’s tendency to be very popular and spreadable throughout the dorm, it’s up to the RAs to find who’s giving out all the Jungle Juice. Directed and Written by Claire Fishman, and Produced by Joe Lees and Victoria Nelli.

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Montclair State | New Jersey

Joe Lees

Joe is a senior studying Television and Digital Media at Montclair State University. Joe enjoys long walks on the beach and heavy heavy metal.