R2D2 is ageless and is everywhere in Star Wars, that is why I collect R2D2’s

In this interview Hannah Wigandt talks to her father, Scott Wigandt, about his collection of R2D2’s.

I was about 10 years old when I first saw Star Wars. Your grandfather took me to see it with your aunts while we were vacationing over the summer in Timberland Park. I remember it was a long car ride, but I guess that was because I was a kid and wanting to see Star Wars really bad, I couldn’t wait. I remember it was nighttime too. Astonishingly enough I cannot recall what I thought of the movie because it was many years ago. Being the Star Wars fan that I am, I know this is shocking, but this is all I remember of that night. I do remember, however, the day they premiered the first Star Wars on cable, in fact it premiered on HBO. It was 1987 and all the Star Wars films had already been released by then. I had just gotten out of boot camp for the navy and was living in the barracks on base. Everyone that night crowded in on the TV and waited for it to come on, it was like the super bowl or something. Later on your uncle Paul and I had been working for a comic shop in the city and I had seen customers come in and out with their personal collections of things and I was fascinated. I then realized that I had started a collection of R2D2’s of my own without even noticing, and I had a lot of different ones and put them together. I never really started collecting R2D2’s on purpose, but I guess the reason why he is so suitable to be collected and why I like him so much is because he is absolutely different from all the other robots. He is not humanoid and does not speak but everyone in the movie seemed to understand him. R2D2 is ageless and is everywhere in Star Wars, that is why I collect R2D2’s. He is the one character that has been in all of the movies and no one gets tired of him, which is why he is good to be collected because every time they put out a new Star Wars movie they come out with more R2D2’s. I had to center my collection on a character like that. Why would I just collect Luke Skywalkers when he is only in the first three movies? So then my collection got bigger and bigger as you well know. I have R2D2’s ranging from coloring books to Q-tips. My first R2 though was one that my father gave me when the first movie came out, and now I have thousands of them, and I don’t regret a thing. So there is the story of why I collect R2D2’s.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Hannah Wigandt

I am a sophomore at Montclair State University and am a journalism major.