Pride & Glory: MSU Football’s Winning Season

The Montclair State Football team has suffered from disappointing seasons in the last two years. With a 5-5 record in 2012 and a 4-6 run in 2013, the last time the Red Hawks were a top contender was in 2011. That changed this year when a core group of seniors decided it was time to turn it around.

Motivated to see success in their last season, Red Hawk seniors and captains brought the team to a 7-1 record before entering a vital game this past Saturday against Morrisville State. The game controlled their fate in the NCAA tournament, and with a win they would clinch the NJAC conference. The Red Hawks took an unexpected blow when they lost the battle 38-20.

The team still has one more game left against Kean University, their biggest rivals. They are excited and prepared to leave it all on the field. Hope still remains for the players that they will receive a bid into the national tournament; but if not, the success of this season is something they can eternally be proud of.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Jenna Bussiere

Senior at Montclair State University, studying Broadcasting and Communication. Member of the Montclair Women's Lacrosse team.