Orphan Black Season 3 Teaser: “You Don’t Own Me”

Clone Club, get ready. The first teaser of season 3 of the BBC AMERICA dramatic conspiracy thriller Orphan Black has been released and it is making us impatient because we still have months to go until it hits the small screen.

The teaser’s soundtrack is “You don’t own me” by Lesley Gore. The lyrics of the song couldn’t be more fitting to the theme.

The 20-second clip starts with an embryo being split into two before being split again and again leading to the formation of a DNA. It’s a simple biological concept, but it covers the clone drama the show revolves around.

The series is about Sarah, a drifter who witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks just like her on a train’s platform. She picks up the woman’s handbag, runs away with it and ends up taking on the woman’s identity. Sarah later discovers they are more than just identical and that there are more of them leading to whole clone drama.

Last season we were left with very little information about the new “male” clones and the ever-lasting question… Who is the original?

Enjoy the simple teaser below and let’s hope there are more to come. Orphan Black returns in April 2015 on BBC AMERICA.


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