One Year Later: Anna Semioli

The Family of a Hit and Run Victim Struggles for Hope and Understanding

Sunday, October 9, 2016 marks the one year anniversary since Montclair State University student, Anna Semioli, was the victim of a hit and run accident. She was found on the Rt. 46 and Valley Road exit, right off campus. On October 15, after saying he thought he hit a deer, Michael Choynowski, the man charged with hitting Anna, turned himself in. One year later, Anna is still severely suffering. Gina Semioli, Anna’s sister, has been fighting and advocating for Anna since the day of the accident.

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Allison Councill

Allison Councill is a Television and Digital Media major at Montclair State University.

  • Janis Strube Gangi

    I don’t understand why they feel Montclair is responsible. She left campus. Walking on a busy road. Its a terrible accident. Maybe the man did think he hit something else. He did turn himself in. Am I missing something?

    • Diana

      The family wants and deserves answers! If these security cameras were actually working, it help the family find closure to this unfortunate accident. As an MSU alumni and someone who considered returning to MSU for grad school, I don’t feel safe returning. The walk from any building to your car is long and dark. I always had an uneasy feeling walking to my car alone after an evening class. Had I known the cameras don’t actually work and there isn’t anyone watching incase something were to happen, I don’t think I would take evening classes.

      He did turn himself in but he committed the crime the moment he chose to drive an unisured veicule as an unliscensed civilian and drive off leaving her as an object in the road on a major highway. The amount of time it took for her to get medical attention was crucial and he deprived her of that when he drove off.

  • JoJo PB

    how sad 🙁 God Bless Annie and her family. Is Montclair responsible? hard call but maybe they any even Prayer to the family of this sweet young girl..xo