#Notmypresident 2016 Protest

The results of the election have people taking the streets. We took a trip to Union Square for the #NotMyPresident protest in New York City of those who oppose Donald Trump as president.

INTRO: I’m Protesting for trans rights, for queer rights, for the rights of everybody that Donald trump  has said doesn’t matter because they do.

For Donald Trump to understand he doesn’t have a mandate for his hateful agenda.
For women’s rights.
For my native American family
For America.

NARR: On November 8 2016, Donald Trump became the President Elect of the United States. Many people are not accepting of this result and are Protesting in several cities around the country. In NYC people marched on for their fourth day of protesting.

THOMAS: My initial reaction was I wanted to vomit. I am scared for my country, I am scared for the country that I love, I am scared for the country that I served and I need to serve her today to defend her because I love my country I love what my country stands for.

MARYANN: So I almost didn’t come today since I didn’t have any friends who could come. It’s a 2 hour trip and I said if Hillary can travel the country to spread her message of positive hope hopeful things, I can get out of bed and come to NY to express my views.

SOPHIA: To starters my Dad’s half native American. I stand with Standing Rock. My friend jihab was pulled off a few days ago after the election, my friends from Korea were told to go home to China.

ANDREW: It’s like watch the school yard bully get elected to the highest office of the land. It’s heartbreaking, you know it’s heart breaking.

NARR. While some people watching from the sidelines have opinions of their own.

JOHN: They have the freedom of speech and this is America in work.

MICHAEL: What’s the big deal with Hillary now? That’s my opinion about that. It happened to Bush, nobody protested Bush when he was elected.

TONY: Yes go ahead and do it, but why are they trying to accomplish?

But protestors will continue to fight for what they believe in.


THOMAS: God bless you and God Bless our country.

To sign the petition regarding electoral college voters click here.

Check out some additional photos from this history-making protest:


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Allison Councill

Allison Councill is a Television and Digital Media major at Montclair State University.