Not all College Students Want to Vote

The 2016 U.S. Presidential Race may be one of the most controversial elections in the country’s history. Many people have become weary of the two main candidates. The weariness has trickled down to the millennials in college who have the option to vote, many for the first time. Many students at Montclair State University feel neither candidate has earned their vote.

Senior Kimberly Pierre will not be voting this upcoming election. She realizes the candidates may have some good intentions, but their secrets and the way they portray themselves, hurt their appearance towards young voters.

The Presidential debates have not seemed to help some students make up their mind. While some people were looking to see their candidate win a debate, others were simply trying to decide which candidate they wanted to choose. Many have described the debates this year to be a joke.

Junior Diego Coya was not impressed by either candidate and by their debate performances. Coya feels he cannot trust either candidate, a problem that has developed within young people with the ability to vote during this election. He would love to vote, but he will not vote if it means selecting a candidate that cannot earn his trust.

Others do not believe in the promises of either candidate. Pierre is not convinced they can deliver on their general plans for the country’s future and their guaranteed policies.


There are students who feel it is important to vote. With this being such a publicized and highly critical election, many students feel the young vote matters more than ever. This has become the election that has allowed students to voice their opinions especially with the surge of social media in today’s society. Junior Andrew Simmons feels that the opportunity to make a decision of this magnitude needs to be valued.

The students who are voting know how important this decision and election is. For many college students this is the first presidential election which they are eligible to vote in. For many, it is the first election of any sort which allows them to exercise that right.

Junior Kayla Affrunti will be voting for a president for the first time. As a women she realizes the opportunity to vote, means far greater than just this election.

This election is significant for many reason. There are two primary candidates than can shape the future of this country in completely different ways. Hillary Clinton has the possibility to be the first female president but also the first inaugurated president under FBI investigation. Donald Trump can become president with no prior political experience and an ambitious monumental wall across the southern United States border with Mexico. It matters for what side a person supports. Simmons knows what side he supports and he knows how important this election is.

For those students who are not voting, the importance of the election is obvious, but in their opinion, the candidates are inappropriate to fill the seat as the leader of the country. Trust has been a big factor, but that feature is earned through actions. Although Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have stated their plans for the country, their lack of professionalism in other aspects of their lives take away from the policies they wish to implement.

Whether college students decide to vote or not, there is no questioning, the current generation of undergraduate college students will have an immense impact on this year’s election. From the no vote point of few, it can be a negative decision in terms of lost votes for a certain candidate, but in terms of students who are voting, the results can be positive. There are many students that would have loved to vote four years ago, but were not of age to be allowed to vote. Now many young people are registered to vote and can proudly state their opinions at the voting booth.

Whoever wins the election will run the country for the next four years. It is something everyone will have to live with. Some people may not come to terms with the winner, but if the country succeeds and the candidate delivers on his/her promises, maybe the next election won’t be so divisive.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Josue Dajes

Josue is a Television and Digital Media Major with a concentration in Sports Media and Journalism.