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The Muppets Return for the ever-fun SEQUEL
Joe Lees

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Having the Muppets back in relevant pop culture again has been such a wonderful thing. Kermit and the gang made their return to silver screen glory back in 2011 in fantastic, show-stopping fashion and here we are almost 3 years later in 2014 with a good addition to the Muppets filmography. “The Muppets: Most Wanted” brings back Jim Henson’s master creations for a movie that is fun, musical, and (of course) wild. While far from the bar that “The Muppets” film in 2011 placed, this is still an enjoyable for any moviegoer.

Joe Lees

The plot of this one is pretty easy to follow. This one picks off literally where the 2011 film left off (I’m not pulling your leg here it’s literally right after the last note of “Life’s a Happy Song”). An evil frog named Constantine that bares a striking resemblance to our own Kermit the Frog busts out of a Russian prison. While the Muppets are on their world tour, Kermit is taken to prison after being mistaken for the evil frog. Will the Muppets distinguish the difference between the two frogs? Will they band together to save the day?

There are so many positives that come with the Muppets. There are always legitimately funny jokes and gags, much-needed simplicity, and plenty of heart and soul stuffed into the Muppets. It’s amazing to think about how emotionally invested you get in puppets, no they’re not puppets. They’re Muppets. With director James Bobin back helming the sequel and writer Nicholas Stoller behind the scenes, one of favorite parts of this flick are the songs. The musical bits are so catchy and fun which was another factor that made the 2011 so great. Particularly the first tune in the movie, “We’re doing a Sequel”, gives the chance for the movie to hit the ground running in naturally tremendous Muppet fashion.

Joe Lees

The human stars of the show were fine additions. The trio of Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, and Tina Fey share the proceedings and they all bring their charm and personality to the picture. The bits between Ty Burrell and Sam the Eagle were my favorite, personally. There was also a wealth of celebrity cameos, as any good Muppets film would have, that brought plenty of laughs. I don’t want to give some away here but Danny Trejo’s bits were hysterical.

Unfortunately, there were some distracting flaws that kept The Muppets: Most Wanted from soaring to the heights of its predecessor. While the first act of the film took off brilliantly, the second and half of the third act dragged. The pacing just couldn’t really keep up with the goodness of the first act. On another note, and this is just a complaint from a Muppet fan, there was just too many Muppet feet. It’s just weird to me seeing the Muppets whole bodies dancing around so much. It takes away some of that Muppet magic. Some of the voice work between the Muppets (particularly between Constantine the evil frog and Kermit) was a bit messy.

This is still one of those rare instances where a movie can appeal to all ages. That is an accomplishment all in its own, and my favorite movies are those that can pull off that near impossible feat. The Muppets: Most Wanted is a good time, and one I believe is most definitely worth the price of admission. Let’s just hope that the Muppets get to stay longer and provide us the laughs and heart that only they can provide.


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