MSU Students Pack their bags for Malawi, Africa

14-Day Spring Break Expedition to the Heart of Africa.

During Spring Break 2014 Dr. David Sanders and Prof. Steve McCarthy will be traveling to Malawi, Africa on a reporting trip with Students from Montclair State University. For the first time, an all female crew of 5 TVDM Majors will be traveling to produce journalistic pieces from the region.

Hosted by the hospitality of the World Food Program, who helped book transportation and hotels, students will be working on three different stories with them about helping Malawi become self sustaining in the years to come.

In addition students will be working on a story with UNICEF and MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. Mr. O’Donnell has teamed up with UNICEF to raise money to buy desks for school children in Malawi.

The last story we will be reporting that came to us from a MSU Alum. Philip Perry, who is working with a Malawian producer of hot sauce to export their product to the U.S. and raise money for Malawi charities.

Safe Travels!

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Martin Halo

Martin Halo is a music journalist who founded in 2006. He currently lives just outside of New York City and is the Director of Publishing for WASTER Inc., Halo Media Group, and Wired Jersey at Montclair State University.