MSU hosts its inaugural New York City panel at the Paley Center for Media.

“The Future of Sports Coverage In Media” featured many nationally renowned names in sports media.

On February 17th, MSU hosted its inaugural New York City panel at the Paley Center for Media.

“The Future of Sports Coverage In Media” featured many nationally renowned names in sports media including Val Ackerman, Commissioner of the Big East Conference, Harvey Araton, Sports Reporter and Columnist for the New York Times, Felix Alvarez-Garmon, Senior Vice President of Latin America, Mexico & US Hispanic IMG Media and Andrew Hawkins, Wide Receiver for the Cleveland Browns.

The panel, which lasted roughly under two hours, was moderated by long time USA Today sports reporter and MSU’s own Kelly Whiteside.

The lively discussion that took place in the 200 seat auditorium went beyond the topic of technology advancements in sports, but the vast landscape for broadcasting media content in which the industry is headed. As new mediums are developed each day, sports broadcasters and reporters long to find ways to constantly adapt and deliver stories to millions of fans all over the world.

With different platforms such as Twitter, Bleacher Report, and even player-run websites like Derek Jeter’s Player’s Tribune, the call for adaptation is more evident than ever and as Araton vividly emphasized: “don’t resist the change”.

The importance of knowing the distinction between media and reporting is something that is unparalleled, and most people aren’t aware of the fact that any person can put any type of media on the internet. The boundary should be clear, and it shouldn’t be ignored or overlooked, specially when so many different outlets exist in this day and age.

“The outlets certainly changed, there are other networks that are coming online and they’re busy trying to take place. You have to have a diversified approach because the outlets are diversified”, said Ackerman.

Other important matters discussed in the panel included the urgency for long print stories due to minimized attention spans, privacy between players, reporters and fans, and the alarming concern of filtering content to the media.

In its fourth year of existence, the School of Communication and Media has recently announced new partnerships and innovations, including a new building with state of the art equipment, aiming to consolidate its place as one of the top reporting and media programs in the nation.

“Our partnership with Sony Corporation will give our students and university community access to the finest equipment that exists in the industry today known as 4K. It’s the latest version of high definition equipment. Once our facilities are completed at Montclair State, we’ll be the most advanced 4K facility that any university in the United States has” said Merrill Brown, the Director of the School of Communication and Media.

The School of Communication and Media plans to have 500 students enrolled in the program in the near future.

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