Montclair State Women’s Ice Hockey Wins at Home

“It all started two years ago with six dreamers, some sticks, skates, pucks, and big hopes. The Montclair State Women Ice Hockey team made history when they played their first home game ever at the Ice Hockey Arena on Saturday, October 25th. The team was created as a developmental project in 2012, until in summer 2013, they started to recruit more players, but it was not enough.

According to Cat Barnett and Jessica Coyne, two of the founding players, the recruitment started on Facebook in the summer of 2013. In 2014, they received about 12 players until at the beginning of the semester, they created the team.

Coach Dave Solomon said, “I’m so excited because we finally have a team to believe and give all of us to be a school team.”

The day has come. More than one hundred fans waited for this great moment in the school sports history. The girls are ready to show what they were worth of. Game on!

The team started very strong with effective counterattacks by defender Brittany Meneghin. Indeed, she scored her two of three goals in the first quarter. She also assisted Giulia Bertolotti to score the third goal on the second quarter.

Melanie Lawrie scores the fourth and Brittany the fifth to complete her hat trick. Allowing one goal from the Quarry Cats, Jenna Verrico sealed the final and convincing 6-1 win… a win to believe in the team.

At the end, the fans were so confident about the teamwork and coordination the girls had. Brittany Meneghin, defender, said, “Win or lose, I’m happy to be part of the team.”

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Lony Campos

Lony is a Television and Digital Media Major at Montclair State University