Microsoft & Macklemore at the Garden State Plaza Mall

Paramus N.J is now home to the 3,700sq. ft. computer giant.

On Thursday, May 22nd, the opening ceremonies for the new Microsoft store at the Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall went off without a hitch. The popular, upscale mall located in Paramus N.J is now home to the 3,700sq. ft. computer giant.

This will be Microsoft’s 92nd the state of New Jersey. Notorious for being the nerdy kids on the block, Microsoft’s efforts to reinvent their brand image to a more streamlined user friendly experience seems to be paying off. Recently Microsoft’s brand value has been on the rise, ranking fourth among the top ten brands.

From the floor to ceiling windows to the “Answers Desk”, Microsoft’s new brand identity is without a doubt inspired by Apple’s favored retail design. Their new image resonates with users so well that it can sometimes be difficult to remember your standing in a Microsoft store, not apple.

Acclaimed rapper and Grammy winner Macklemore & Ryan Lewis brought immense energy to the opening as well. Free tickets for the concert were offered to the first 1,500 people in line. Loyal fans along with die-hard Microsoft users camped out the night before to guarantee a spot to claim their prize.

The performance was held later that night in the mall parking lot. Due to uncertain weather conditions, a sea of white ponchos could be seen as the line formed to enter the concert. Fortunately, mother nature permitted good weather for the concert to resume. The show lasted for about an hour, which included all of Macklemore’s hit
songs such as “Same Love” and “Thrift Shop”.

The song “Thrift Shop” is all about good deals and cheap clothes. Even though Microsoft is not a clothing line, it may be fair to say their association with the rapper is quite fitting. Apple products have always been notoriously steep in price. In this economy people nowadays might just want to be “thrifty” and get a bang for their buck with Microsoft. From tablets, to the XboxOne, a shift to more competitive retail trends may be on the horizon.

Orlando Hurtado Jr.

I am a transfer student from SUNY Rockland entering my first semester ever at Montclair State University. I currently know all the basics on "above" & "below the line" work in digital film and TV production. My unique skills and knowledge in Communications and Media Arts reflect a world in which converging media is becoming the standard.