Liz Lerman Brings “Healing Wars” to Montclair State

dancing, speech, and acting depict hardships of past wars

Choreographer, director, and producer Liz Lerman returns to Montclair State with perhaps her most passionate and groundbreaking work: “Healing Wars.”

“Healing Wars” depicts stories of injured soldiers, hardworking doctors and nurses healing their wounds, and the psychological and physical suffering they all had. The dancing-word-acting performance and the mixed music is combined with pictures and videos from the Civil War to the wars in Iraq to Afghanistan and the people involved in them.

Paul Hurley is a young navy veteran and the center figure of the production. He connects with the audience by telling his war experiences and performing as different characters.

Liz Lerman’s “Healing Wars” allows the audience to live and feel the impact of wars from past years and to heal our real life wounds through it.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Lony Campos

Lony is a Television and Digital Media Major at Montclair State University