LGBTQ Flag Raising Ceremony

Out & Free at Montclair State University

Neither wind nor pouring rain stopped the LGBTQ center from celebrating their flag raising ceremony which opens the celebration for LGBTQ History Month. This entire week will be dedicated to “Coming Out.” There will also be discussions about stereotypes, education and other issues that affect the LGBTQ community.

Monday afternoon students and faculty shared their personal stories about coming out to their friends and family. They explained that “coming out” isn’t just a one time situation, but it is something that they have to deal with everyday.

Cindy Meneghin, the director of Web Services, described today’s generation as the “brave” generation. As a young Lesbian college student, Meneghin would be terrified to walk near  the LGBTQ center, nobody wanted to be seen near the center for fear of their safety. She stated  that today’s generation is making the world different and is helping other LGBTQ students be themselves. Aside from working for Web Services, Meneghin is an advocate for marriage equality and hopes that the marriage equality fight will soon come to an end.

Apphia Kumar, an international student from India,  is a graduate student studying theater. Aside from the culture shock, Kumar has fallen in love with MSU, and with the LGBTQ center. Before getting involved with the LGBTQ center, she would obsessively follow them and click “like” on every picture they would post onto their Facebook page.

Kumar told the story of being a bi-sexual within the LGBTQ community in her home country India. Kumar explained that there was no representation for the bi-sexual community in India. It was either you were purely lesbian or  gay, there was no in between. Kumar decided to take action and become an advocate for the bi-sexual community in India. Today, Kumar is currently working on a website which will help and support bi-sexual people around the world.

“Coming out is not just about revealing something about yourself, but it is a chance for you to discover who you really are…” Kumar concluded.

“Coming Out” week will be celebrated until Saturday Oct, 12, but the LGBTQ center also has a month full of events! For more information you can visit the LGBTQ center in the Student Center 110 or their website.

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Dalia Campohermoso

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