Lewis Black: The Rant is Due

Life, Politics and Tahiti at the Wellmont Theater

I mentally prepared myself for this one. I was ready for it. The yelling, the screaming, the whole nine yards. On Saturday April 5, Lewis Black took the stage at Montclair’s Wellmont Theater for The Rant is Due! Tour. And ranting was done.

To my surprise the notorious “angry faced” comedian seemed rather well rested. But, so would I if I had just gotten back from Tahiti. Black spent a good ten to fifteen minutes of his seventy-five with easy quips about his recent trip to the tropical oasis. A cop out if you ask me. When he finally left his vacation blues behind him, the real ranting began, what we had all made our way to the center of Montclair for.

Alas, a comedian is only as good as his best bit, and on this particular night it seemed as though his best jokes were made at the expense of the audience, but hey, that’s what we came for. Black took no pause when it came to poking fun of the Montclairians near and far. Taking notice to the audience’s prompt 7pm arrival, I’ll give him that one, but it’s a small town.

Black then eased into his government woes, reminding the audience that he’s stuck in the middle, neither a conservative nor a liberal, just taking notice as both sides loose control. While his jokes on Obama care were on point, they seemed to lack the notorious Black bite, that aggressive sense of humor we all know and love.

Black definitely brought some funny moments to Montclair that Saturday night but not enough to keep the energy of the crowd up, while there were moments of clapping and comradery, they seemed far and few. Maybe he was too relaxed from his vacation? After his seventy-five minutes had passed, Black fled the stage and I was left wanting more.


Montclair State | New Jersey

Chloe Motisi

Chloe is currently a Television and Digital Media major with a concentration in TV Production at Montclair State University.