Latinos Pa’lante

Latin Pride Month Opening Ceremony

Members from the Latin American Student Organization, also known as LASO, gathered outside the student center this morning to celebrate the opening of Latin Pride Month. Throughout the month, LASO will be hosting educational panels, and fun cultural events, such as Latin Arts Night, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), and many more. The executive board of LASO consists of 10 MSU students who planned all the events for Latin Pride Month. Augusto Suarez III, who is the president of the organization, explained that Latin Pride Month is a month to explore the different cultures within Latin America, as well as the history behind the continent.  He welcomes all students Latino and non-Latino students to join them and be part of the celebration.

If you missed the morning ceremony don’t worry, because today at 4pm in the SC dining rooms you will still be able to be part of their celebration! A Latin Jazz Band is expected to perform, there will also be giveaways and food! For more information about LASO and their events for Latin Pride Month, you can always stop by their office which is located in the Student Center Annex right in front of the Montclairion.

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