La Hermandad Navidad: Holidays for Unity

Last night, December 5th at 8:30PM in the Rathskeller at Montclair State University held a program, to create cohesion amongst organizations as well as give the student body something fun to do before finals. This event was co-sponsored by Omega Psi Phi, Omega Phi Chi, Mu Sigma Upsilon, Zeta Phi Beta, Ladies First, Haitian Student Association, and Organization of Students for African Unity, and Complexions. They created a toy drive to give to the less fortunate, in efforts of brightening up someone else’s Christmas spirits. There was food, beverages, music and live performances.

The Brotherhood Hermandad is a Class 3 organization under the SGA and was founded a little over 8 years ago. It was founded by former Montclair State University campus ombudsman Dean Harris. The mission of this organization is to initiate and support any service or program that will help minority males achieve academic, professional, and social success at Montclair State University while connecting their members with the faculty and administrative members whom can support with community opportunities.

“The vibe was great, everybody was cheerful and dancing. When the music is going, everybody’s going. The turnout was more than expected, we had about 67 people in the room and it was just exhilarating.” says President Elijah Reaves. Being that it is the last few weeks before the Elijah was elected by general members as well as the eboard last Spring semester. He has enjoyed the first semester being president of such an influential organization. He has been a member for the past three years and always held positions on the eboard ever since, leading the way for his fellow members to continue making a difference on campus.

“This is one of the many programs that I can say the Brotherhood brought about peacefully. I hope they make their “La Navidad” program something that they do annually.” said Anna Marie.

“I think what made it so fun to me most was the fact that someone was dressed up as Santa Claus, perfect way to bring in Christmas!” says Yanina Figuereo. Successful programs such as these brought by students is more than needed on a college campus.

Unity is essential for people to have, especially in this time when the world is so corrupt.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Massiel Segura

I am a junior at Montclair University.