Kia Swinton – Overnight Delight Radio Show

WMSC Radio Hosts Brings the Energy to the Night Block

It’s just before 10 o’clock on a Wednesday night at Montclair State. While most students are ready to turn in for the night, junior Nakia Swinton is getting ready to slide up the faders on the audio board. The 19-year-old is preparing to host her weekly radio show Overnight Delight, on WMSC, the campus’ radio station.

“All of the daytime hours at the station were already taken and if I wanted a radio show, I had to settle for a show late at night,” said the petite host. When she arrived on campus for the first time in the fall of 2012, Swinton was like many other incoming freshmen; she did not know how to get involved on campus.

“I went to the campus fair freshman year and the only thing that interested me was the
radio station.” She then went on to say, “I thought it was really cool to be able to host your own radio show.”

The Communication and Media Arts major has been hosting “Overnight Delight,” on
90.3 WMSC Wednesday nights from 10pm until 1am since the Spring of 2013. While she’s not
sure she wants to pursue radio as a career, hosting her own show has already helped the
ambitious junior land an internship at Black Entertainment Television.

“Hosting ‘Overnight Delight’ had a big influence on BET’s decision of hiring me
as an intern.” She said. “They were very interested in my radio show and what topics we discussed. They liked that I did research and looked up information prior to each show.”

She often searches for articles on that give relationship advice and then relays that information to her co-host, Stephanie Nienstedt, and guests on the show. They all have an opportunity to give their opinion on if they agree with the information from the articles.
Despite her show being late at night, Swinton has had no problems getting her friends to
come talk about current news and other topics. Depending on the week, the dainty host
has up to eight other people on her late night talk show.

“I think that Kia does a great job running the show,” says regular Overnight Delight guest Mike Panepinto. “It’s a very welcoming environment and Kia asks everyone their
opinions on recent news and other topics, which I feel is important.”

One of the original co-hosts, Stephanie Nienstedt, has not missed “Overnight Delight,”
since it’s inception over 18 months ago.

“I like going back every week because I like hanging out with my friends and I enjoy
‘Late Night Love Sesh,’ one of the segments on the show.”

While Swinton currently has complete command of her show, it wasn’teasy at first. She admitted that she had not considered how difficult her first show would be and
how long three hours on air can feel.

“I never realized how much content you need to have for a three hour show.” She said. “I do a lot more research now than I did when I first started so that we have plenty of topics to talk about.”
While some radio hosts at Montclair are content with their current following, Swinton is not. She wants her show to become popular.

“There are people that listen to the show that I didn’t know did.” She said. “It’s an awesome feeling that people are listening and I’d like to see how many people we can get to follow the show before I graduate.”

Despite having a radio station affiliated with Montclair, Swinton has fans who are not students at MSU.
“I don’t even attend Montclair State and I listen to the show,” said Yazmine Graham, a dedicated listener of Overnight Delight. “I plan my Wednesday night schedule around the show and it’s because of Kia’s inviting but not overbearing personality.”

Swinton sees herself continuing the show until she graduates in the spring of 2016. She’s
still not sure whether she wants to get into radio after she graduates but will keep her options

“I believe that she has a future in radio if she wants one,” says Panepinto. “She
is always prepared and makes sure everything is under control.”

Overnight Delight is on 90.3 WMSC from 10pm to 1am Wednesday nights. You can also
follow the show on twitter @overnightDlight.

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Matthew Abbott

Matthew is a senior broadcasting student at Montclair State University.