Katherine Heigl Returns to the Small Screen with “State of Affairs”

When the news broke that Katherine Heigl was returning to the small screen with a new scripted show on NBC Network, the media went crazy. If you are wondering why, allow me to refresh your mind because it has been awhile since the actress threw dirt on herself.
In 2008, the then “Grey’s Anatomy” star said she had opted out of the Emmy race of the same year because she was not given good enough material to work with during the season.

The remarks sparked outrage with the writers of the show and since then the topic has lingered around the actress.

Heigl went on to act in movies like “Knocked Up,” and “27 Dresses.” This is the first time she is starring in a show in the small screen with the series “State of Affairs” since her fiasco surrounding “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“State of Affairs” follows the journey of CIA analyst Charleston Tucker (Katherine Heigl). She leads the team responsible for assembling the President’s Daily Briefing (PDB). It is the list of the most vital security issues facing the nation.
Tucker has a close personal relationship with President Constance Payton (Alfre Woodard). Payton is the mother of Charleston’s former fiancé Aaron Payton (played by Mark Tallman in flashbacks) who was killed in a terrorist attack overseas one year before the pilot episode’s storyline.

Charleston’s personal life is a big part of the show with many visits to the therapists because of what happened to her fiancé. She leads a double life with hard-drinking (at home or at a bar) by night and a hard-working CIA analyst by day.

The show joins the pool of powerful women on TV with other shows like ABC’s Scandal and CBS’s Madam Secretary. The series feels like a watered-down version of Showtime’s “Homeland,” which is not necessarily is bad thing. It is definitely entertaining. Heigl does a good job portraying her character who is surrounded by the mysteries we find out about in bits and pieces. Another good thing about the show is the fact that they have a female president. It’s nice to see the most powerful position in the world being help by a woman.

It looks like we are not the only ones fascinated with the new drama. The CIA has been fact-checking the series on Twitter, correcting inaccuracies as they watch it.

During a recent episode, Heigl’s character debriefed the president face to face. Following that scene, the CIA tweeted out a picture of how President Barack Obama actually receives his PDB in reality.

It is quite fascinating to see the agency (CIA) fact checking the series in an indirect form. Another myth debunked was when Heigl meets other agents in person. The agency says it rather dangerous.

This is definitely a comeback to the small screen for Heigl. The series started late in the fall season. We shall see if it survives the chopping block. We hope it does because it is definitely interesting.
State of Affairs airs Mondays 10 p.m. ET on NBC.


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