Juan Contla – Sounds of the Night

WMSC DJ Delivers High Notes With EDM Show

At 4pm on a Tuesday, many students are probably finishing up classes, getting ready to unwind or just get to studying. However, I got a chance to sit down and talk with Juan Contla, host of the weekly radio show Sounds of the Night on WMSC, to see what it’s all about.

For those unaware, Sounds of the Night is an EDM show that started last fall after Juan had shown interesting in running his own show. Through dance music and casual discussion, the shows makes for a good time, and according to its host, has been his goal from the start.

“I just want it to be a relaxed environment here, where people can just chill and be more upbeat,” the junior expressed.

From my time on the show, a relaxed environment was reflected through colorful lights and high-energy music playing. Among the guests on the show was Morgan Princiotta, a fellow radio host at MSU who shows clear admiration for the show.

“I think Juan honestly just has such a fun show,” she said. “He’s not just playing music, but DJ-ing and mixing, and makes it so original. People need to be listening to this show, cause you’re missing out if you don’t.”

Outside of his show, Juan also serves as the contact for WMSC News, which gives him a well-rounded experience at the station.
“He’s very down to earth and easy to talk to,” said news team member Chelsea Su. “He has a lot he could talk about for the show, but still has good taste in music.”

Even with music playing and lights going, the English major expressed his interests for the future of the show.

“I actually want to try and integrate more conversation in a way.” He went on to say, “When new artists are coming up I want people to know about them; listener integration is what I’m going to be looking for.”

The show is definitely on the right track towards this, with ticket giveaways being a common inclusion. Between the music, the mood, and the energy of its host, “Sounds of the Night” is worth listeners’ time to tune in now more than ever.

Sounds of the Night is on 90.3 WMSC from 4 to 7pm Tuesday nights. You can follow the show on twitter @The SOTN.

Written by: Michael Saporito
Photos by: Michael Saporito


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