Jeff the Brotherhood “Dig the Classics”

Nashville Sons Pay Homage to Legends

Jeff the Brotherhood recently released a new EP titled, Dig the Classics on Warner Brothers Records. In the Brotherhood’s latest release, the duo covered Beck’s “Totally Confused,” The Wipers’ “Mystery,” My Bloody Valentine’s “Come In Alone,” Colleen Green’s “Cujo,” Teenage Fanclub’s “Mad Dog 20/20,” and Pixies’ “Gouge Away.”

Many wouldn’t exactly call these songs classics, but it’s a free country and its Jeff the Brotherhood! Either way these tracks are very well done in the bands own musical style. The new EP is a follow up to the band’s critically acclaimed, “Hypnotic Nights” that was co-produced with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys in 2012. It’s not trying to top their last release, but it’s something good, new and different from what they’ve been done before. Plus, if you’ve heard these guys before then you’re aware that anything they put out is worth listening to at least few times through.

My favorite songs off the EP would definitely have to be covers, “Gouge Away” by the Pixies, and Beck’s “Totally Confused.” You can hear that vocal delay and garage rock sound that brothers, Jake and Jamin Orrall are going for. It’s nothing new that these two are playing solid rock music; together they’ve been doing just that since high school. Jake’s guitar and vocals mix with Jamin’s drums in that garage rock sounding rhythm and style that the band’s been known for. This time the two brothers are playing other artists’ songs. But isn’t that exactly what a garage rock style group would do?

It’s pretty simple. If you like to rock, whether it’s garage, psychedelic or straight up rock and roll you’ll probably like these covers. There isn’t any new twist you’ll find here or some mind blowing discovery you’ll have about yourself through the songs on this EP. There’s a good chance you could find yourself bobbing your head to the beat or stomping your foot to the rhythm of the music. Isn’t that what good rock music is about most of the time anyway? Just sit back, relax and spin something different, even if that something different is a cover. Who cares anyway? if you enjoy it that’s all that matters!

“Dig the Classics” can be found digitally and on “12” pressed purple vinyl. The band has been on tour since August and will continue throughout October playing shows around the country with Diarrhea Planet. And look out for Jeff the Brotherhood’s next studio album, slated to come out next year.

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