Is Education a Human Right?

Digital Diplomacy's Video Blog to Promote Awareness on Education

With the help of Professor Ambassador Muhamed Sacirbey and along with the Huffington Post, Digital Diplomacy and the Montclair Diplomats produced a short video piece, which asks the question, “Should access to education be legally protected and addressed as a human right under international law?”

Simply stated, is education a human right? They addressed issues such as poverty remaining a major obstacle, due to children having to support their families at a young age, leaving education as less of a priority and more of a privilege. “Education is one of the keys to advancement and opens up more opportunities for individuals. In foreign countries, women still do not have right to an education and our purpose is to send out a message on the importance of having an education. The Montclair diplomats have come to a realization of how grateful we are to be able to pursue our education,” said Anna Azcona, a senior involved in the project.

Digital Diplomacy and the Montclair Diplomats are continuing their efforts to raise awareness for the rights of global citizens. This semester the class is are working on a short documentary highlighting Women’s Rights, and more notably how acts of violence against women is not just a crime but a crime against humanity. The video will be available to view at the end of the current semester.

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Chloe Motisi

Chloe is currently a Television and Digital Media major with a concentration in TV Production at Montclair State University.