Internship Fair at Montclair State University

The One Stop Spot for Jobs and Internships

Finding jobs and internships can be as disheartening as attempting to capture the Yeti in the mountains of Russia, especially for college students. However, Montclair State University provides students with all the necessary gear to conquer this career giant.

The Center of Career Services facilitates the art of networking by arranging the Career and Internship Fair at the Conference Center in University Hall. This creates an opportunity for students to connect with big names such as Mercedes-Benz, CBS News, CVS Caremark, OnTel Products, Prudential Financial, Verizon Wireless, Avenue (retail store), the FBI, and a number of other companies. The resume is placed right into the hands of those employers the student would not be able to see via internet.

“If we were on the internet while we were applying, it’s much more passive. Some people call it the black hole,” said Adam C. Mayer, the director in Career Counseling.

Unlike an online resume submission, the Career and Internship Fair opens up a much more active, personal search for students to network with their desired company.

“It’s convenience; you get all the employers in one spot,” states Rebecca DeOcampo, a representative of the fashionable retail store Avenue.

That fact alone is the reason college students poured into the conference center, dressed professionally with a clean-pressed resume in hand. Each department conducts their own number of career and internship fairs a year to assist the students seek employment in this time of economic uncertainty.

Alumna Adebanke Ogunkanmi explains her hopeful search for a job or internship that will put her BS in Nutrition and Food Science to work.

“It’s getting kind of difficult with the whole economy, but with networking it will help a lot,” she said.

Networking is the master key in opening the doors of opportunity for recent graduates; thankfully, this exceptional opportunity provided by the Center for Career Services and Cooperative Education is not limited to the upperclassmen. A chance to make connections is an option available to those Montclair students who want to go.

“Sophomore year I would try to attend at least one of the big two career fairs, because again, it’s an introduction to the job search,” states Mayor, “you get more comfortable with the process as you go along, and when senior year rolls around you will have done the event a number of times.”

The next career fair is scheduled to be in the Spring.

Article & Photos by: Shola Agoro
Montclair State | New Jersey

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