Imagine Dragons Welcome the New Age at IZOD

Grammy Winners Blaze Concert Trail Thru Northeast

Grammy award winning rock band Imagine Dragons took the stage at East Rutherford’s Izod Center this past weekend as part of their Into the Night tour. They announced that this will be their final North American tour supporting their wildly successful debut album, Night Visions, before they head back to the studio to work on their second album. It’s been an insane year for the Las Vegas-based rock band yet they still don’t seem to absorb their success. Just a year ago, they were playing small venues with no idea that they would soon be performing at award shows (with Kendrick Lamar), winning a Grammy, and playing sold out arenas.

A long line of fans stretched around the Izod Center as people of all ages anxiously endured the cold for hours while they waited for the doors to open. Once inside, fans were treated to two opening bands that gave great energetic performances. The first opener, Nico Vega, is an LA rock band whose lead singer is, interestingly enough, married to Dan Reynolds, Imagine Dragon’s lead singer. The band’s thirty minute set offered a blues-rock sound that worked well with the lead singer’s powerful voice. The second opener, The Naked and Famous, is an alternative rock band from New Zealand whose dreamy, alternative-pop sound definitely captured the audience’s attention.

Once the time finally came for Imagine Dragons to hit the stage, the audience cheered in excitement as they opened with the song “Fallen” which had each of the members hitting the drums (of various sizes) in every corner of the stage. It was more than obvious that they were grateful for the experience as Dan looked out to the audience in awe of the number of people in front of him. “Wow, there are so many of you right now,” he said, before taking a moment to stop and admire the view. As hard as it may be for the band to understand their success, it’s evident to everyone else that their brilliant sound and artistic vision deserves more than just small spaces. They also performed songs like “Hear Me,” “It’s Time,” and “Who We Are” before Dan began to recount the band’s humble beginnings as an introduction to “Cha-Ching,” a song that was written to inspire people to pursue their dreams at all costs. The song “30 Lives” brought on a pool of emotions as fans lit up the arena with their cell phones while they played the song that was dedicated to their late friend Tyler who had lost his battle to cancer a year ago. Tyler’s brother, who is now the band’s close friend, was also in attendance. The 95 minute concert included smoke machines and large confetti-filled balloons that were thrown into the crowd. Their massive hit “Radioactive” solidified the set and was the night’s biggest moment. The band encored with “Nothing Left to Say” before they bowed down and said goodbye to a crowd that was more than pleased with their performance.

It’s no surprise as to why Imagine Dragons have become so massive so quickly. The energy this band has is enough to bring everyone to their feet. It’s not very often that you come across a band that’s become this successful but remains as humble as Imagine Dragons does. As hard as it is for them to believe it, they were without a doubt destined to become one of the biggest bands of this generation and I am more than excited to see what the future has in store for them.

Tip Toe
Hear Me
It’s Time
Who we are
The River
Cha-Ching (Til We Grow Older)
Tom Sawyer cover
30 Lives
On Top of the World
Emma/ Hell and Silence

Nothing Left to Say

Montclair State | New Jersey

Daisy Urgiles

Daisy Urgiles is a Junior at Montclair State University majoring in Broadcasting and minoring in Communication Studies.