“I Wish I Could’ve Known His Name”


Samantha Poulis (right) tells Luiver Manongdo about the kindness of strangers when her grandmother Sandy (left) was placed in a situation that could’ve potentially turned into a grievous situation.

“One day, she went out and while she was strolling on her way to someplace, she collapsed to the ground due to the intense heat. This wasn’t actually the first time this happened,” explains Samantha Poulis. “She actually suffered a similar case last time where she fainted inside a Kmart. However, in this
case she was out in the streets.”

“I had no idea what possessed her to suddenly decide to want to take a walk that day; it was about 90 Degrees… My Grandma, she came from Greece when she was 20 years old. She is really independent. And smart too. She raised 3 children and a husband…she did basically everything. The only thing she honestly couldn’t do was drive. I guess she didn’t want to lose that sense of independence. You know… they want to be independent. No one wants to feel helpless, so she rarely asks us for help, even in her old age. She’s very stubborn like that, and my dad says that’s where I get it from.”

“Thank God… that a boy with morals found her; he helped her to the shade, asked her if she was okay, and had her call us using his cellphone to tell us what happened. I really cannot say thank you enough. We were so glad that a nice man assisted her. Nowadays, people like that are rare; especially in the area she was living in. We were glad it was not some malicious person that could’ve robbed what she had on her; or led her home and then robbed her in the house. I mean, she only carried cash in her wallet and likes to wear her jewelry. She could have been easily taken advantage of, and we are grateful that did not happen.”

“When she got home, she called us back again from her own phone saying something happened without really giving us many details and that we shouldn’t call back…But of course we did. I came along then that day to check up on her and make sure she’s doing alright; because God forbid she ends up in the hospital. Fortunately, she was doing OK.”

“We never did get the name of the person that helped my Grandma. I wish I could’ve known his name…At least I could’ve sent him a gift as a sign of appreciation.”


Montclair State | New Jersey

Luiver Manongdo

A 23 year old Montclair State University student majoring in Communication Studies. Luiver enjoys video games in his spare time and is an avid fan of soccer. He prides himself for having experienced a variety of cultural awareness and education while growing up in The Philippines, England and The United States.