“I Never Got on a Motorcycle Again”

In this discussion, Ali Sedaghat describes his horrific motorcycle experience to his cousin Negin Sedaghat.

It was May 11th, 2001. I was supposed to go to college to study for my final exam. My buddy called me and was like, “Yo dude do you want to go riding before your class?” I said, “Of course! Lets go riding.” So I ditched going to school to study and went to ride. We went riding in this place called Bear Mountain in New York, it was nine in the morning and we were on this one street where the roads were really curvy, which was really fun on a motorcycle. The speed limit was about 25 miles per hour. We went down the road and stopped when my friend was like, “Hey let’s go get something to eat.” So I agreed and said that I’d follow him. We fly off and we were going around a turn, about eighty miles per hour, and my friend just loses control of his bike. The bike falls over and is sliding but my friend doesn’t let go it. His front tire got caught on something that sprung him off and then his bike came straight at me. We both fell off the road, seventy feet off a cliff. It was uncontrollable and we couldn’t stop it, we just kept flipping down the hill.

When I finally came to a halt, I was in a sitting position, and I looked up and saw my bike, in pieces, with smoke coming out of it. I looked to my right and I see my friend, this is my best friend from childhood, he was mangled. He couldn’t breathe and he was shaking so hard. I said, “Jay I’m coming to get you bro.” When I went to get up I noticed my leg, and my tibia was sticking out of my skin. I couldn’t walk and that’s when I started to feel the pain. We were there for about forty minutes before we got a biker’s attention since we were so deep into the woods. Once they came up and got help, it took another half an hour for an ambulance to get to us. They put both of us in the same ambulance, it was really cramped, and we were just rubbing against each other the whole way. I’ll never forget that man. We get to the hospital and I got three surgeries and ended up staying there for two weeks. Jay’s rib went into his aorta so they flew him out to Columbia University’s hospital. He broke all of his ribs and his collarbone so he was in the hospital for about three weeks and then it took him a year to recover. His collarbone still isn’t set right. It took me eight months to be able to walk after I was let out of the hospital. I never got on a motorcycle again.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Negin Sedaghat

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