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Executive Special Projects Editor, Lance Gould, Joins Colloquium Series

Lance Gould, the Executive Special Projects Editor at The Huffington Post, engages students at Montclair State colloquium series. His upbeat presentation about his experiences at the Huffington Post was jam packed with insider information on what he thinks will trend in online journalism and the importance of participating in social media. He was also accompanied by Mohammed Sacribey, a former Bosnian prime minister and a professor at Montclair State who spoke about digital diplomacy and it’s effects on media. He also laid out his plan for a new course study that will create an archival video project about the history and future agendas for the International Criminal Court, that starts with the Nuremberg files and possibly giving students the opportunity to do a series of video projects in cooperation with the UN.

Gould was also the editor of The Boston Phoenix, the deputy managing editor of the New York Daily News and editor at Spy Magazine. His take on the direction that online journalism is taking is clearly derived from experiences and a commitment to opening his blogs to the public and students. HuffPost currently has 66,000 bloggers and with guest bloggers like Pres. Obama those numbers continue to grow.

When asked about media biases and whether the HuffPost considers itself to be liberal or conservative, Gould quickly shot down any affiliation with either side noting that they don’t post content based on those biases but take a more factual and interactive approach to journalism. Gould has also won two NEPA awards in 2008 and an AAN journalism award in 2010.

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India Lndo

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