Hollywood Icon Shirley Temple Black Passes

A Reflection of America's Little Darling

A wave of sadness is felt over America as it lost its “darling” this week. TV Legend Shirley Temple Black died at the age of 85 in her home in Woodside, California.

Everyone who owns a television knows the name Shirley Temple. While the majority of us were born decades after the Shirley Temple brand was created, we all still grew up with the original “American Sweetheart.” From the songs she sung or the commercials that sold the VHS tapes to the digitally re-mastered DVDs of her films, Shirley Temple has filled our living rooms with joy for years.

America’s Little Darling started acting at the age of 3 in 1932. While the rest of the country experience financial hardship due to the Great Depression, Temple had nothing to be depressed about. Temple’s performance in the musical Stand up and Cheer put her on the map for future success. When Temple was five, she started to release four movies each year for duration of 2 years.

As Temple aged, so did her career. She was not the eye of attention and the older she became the more her acting career faded. After spending 19 years of her life acting, Shirley Temple retired from the big screen at the age of 22.

After her screen success faded, Temple turned her talents towards politics. In 1969, Temple started her career as a diplomat during the Richard Nixon administration. By 1974, she served as an ambassador for Ghana. Her political career’s big finale came in 1992 under George H. W. Bush’s Administration as an ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

Shirley Temple Black is an American icon who set the blueprint for actresses to make a difference in the world by using their fame for good, and whose memory will not be soon forgotten.


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