“Hollow Dollar” the 48 Hour Film Project

"we'll Fix it in Post" Productions

To kick off the summer, recent graduates and Montclair State students entered “The 48 Hour Film Project.” Held in different cities throughout the United States, the challenge was to script, shoot and edit a short film in 48 hours. Over 40 groups entered and were all given the same elements to create a film.

The team Montclair State team, “We’ll Fix it in Post” Productions, made the deadline. The result was “Hollow Dollar”. You can learn more about the 48 Hour Film Project here http://www.48hourfilm.com/

Director: Sofia Chavez
Director of Photography: Bryana Arlington
Asst. DP: Jack Siberine
Sound: Ben Sanders

Zack – Michael Poole
Jane Fonville – Veronica Furman
Jess – Chole Motts
Gordo – Steve Melone

Produced by the entire team”


Montclair State | New Jersey

Sofia Chavez

Sofia is a senior studying broadcasting at Montclair State University. She has a radio show on campus called "Salsa & Chicks" and skills in editing and producing.